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How much is bad credit really costing you?

How your credit score affects your interest rate could mean thousands of dollars to a home buyer over the life of a loan. Even if you're just getting a credit card, over time the higher interest rate will take a huge chunk out of your wallet and make it difficult to save for larger-priced things like a car or house.For the lender, your credit score means the level of risk involved in lending money to you. Lenders have to look at more than your income to decide if you are worthy of them taking a chance on you. When lenders talk about your "score," they typically mean your FICO score; the most commonly used scoring system today. FICO scores range from 300-850, with most people falling within the 600s and 700s. In today's market, you need a score of 720 or higher to access the best rates and most favorable terms.

Your credit determines your financial life… your credit score is used by lenders almost exclusively to determine what you will pay for a loan.It doesn’t matter if you have money in the bank or a well-paying job. If your credit score isn’t excellent then you will pay a huge penalty on a mortgage, refinance, auto loan, credit cards, or any other type of loan. How much more? Take a look…

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Thanks for the encouragement on the call. My wife was listening in and now she's ordering her credit report.

                                             Thomas L.  San Diego, Ca

I really learned a lot from the identity theft portion of the credit repair course videos!!

                                                  Audrey V.   Rochester, Minn.

What if credit repair was a non-issue. How would you feel if the stress that come with having a low credit score were problems that other people dealt with not you and your family. Surveys have revealed that nearly 80% of all consumer credit reports contain serious errors or mistakes of some kind. According to Cecillia Barr college students typically form a habit of accruing debt, which only gets worse each year. The Credit Journey online financial and credit repair course will help you understand and proactively build and sustain a healthy credit report. Our process is highly effective in producing results that will enable consumers as well as continuing education college level students to establish, restore and/or maintain a good credit rating as well as achieve their financial goals.  We help people improve their credit scores by teaching them how to understand the financial industry through credit repair as well as equip them with the tools to challenge inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable information on their credit reports.  

Your credit score is the most important number in your financial life as well as the most influential one. The higher your credit score, the more financial opportunities you will have. 
A higher credit score will bring no or low interest on credit cards and positive results for job screenings

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